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What to do?

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I just need some advice...

I asked my ex if he could upload some photos from our trip to Europe this past summer because my computer is broken and all of the pictures are on his computer. So he texted me saying that there were too many to upload and that he needed DVDs to burn them on there. So I bought some and let him know that I got them. Now I don't know how to get them to him. I don't know if we should meet up face to face or what...


This seems like a lame post but I'm scared that when or if I see him all my "progress" will be lost. Help please

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I think you should just drop them off int he mailbox, he isn't going to think about you being weak, if anything at all it'll just look like you don't want to se ehim right now and that is fine and quite frankly seeing him will set you back... and it may not but if I were you I would not want to take the chance that it would... 2 weeks isn't very long, I relasped like 4 times in the past month...

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