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Does jealousy work???


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yes without question, i know that for a fact. I believe that being apart from her gave me that opportunity to see those mistakes and realize how dumb they were to never do them again. It's not like i can ignore her, she lives accross the hall from me at school so doing NC is kinda difficult. She does see me, and i will see her. however, with winter break coming up that will give me the NC thing. Plus her birthday is at the end of the month, i dont even know if i should send her something or not.

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Do you really want to be with someone that only comes back to you because she doesn't want to see you happy with anyone else? Think about that.


Exactly. Aside from the manipulation aspect of "making someone jealous," even if she did come back, wouldn't it bother you to think that she may have only done so out of jealousy? And, how long would the reconciliation last? Probably until she stopped being jealous, and then she might very well stop loving you again, and break up with you again.


I vote a resounding "NO" on this particular tactic.

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Ok, then what would you suggest i do? like i said, we live accross the hall, i will run into her. winter break is approaching, which could either mean "absense makes the heart grow fonder," or "out of sight, out of mind" for her. and her birthday is the 30th. I would love for nature to take it's course, and it working out, but i am too impatient and scared. I want to get the ball rolling in the right direction again. How can i do that, when she doesn't want to be friends, just aquaintances. Granted she has said this before and it took almost 3 weeks without real contact till we had a long conversation and finally laughed together again. I'm running out of time, i'll be graduating next semester, and lord knows where i will be. I dont need her to survive, i desire her more than anything else in the world.

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