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my Poem...(long rant)

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Welcome to my world of nightmare fairytales

Watching someone I love, love someone else


Mornings hurt the most, everyday I wake

Realizing it wasn't a dream, this heartbreak


Staring at the ceiling, I'm wide awake

Hiding all these emotions that I can't take


You still haunt me every night in my dreams

I wake up to cold sweats and silent screams


I'm trying to make sense of all this nonsense

I'm trying to find my lost innocence


Sunlight creeps in, shadows on the wall

No, not today, lay me down as I fall


Toss the sheets off me, I'm trying to get up

Never in my life have I had it so rough


Down in my darkest hours, I can't make it

Trying to be happy, but I can't fake it


Like a moth to a flame, looking for light

You brought me up to unknown heights


Remembering your love, it gave me butterflies

Nothing but sadness now, no more sweet lullabies


Reaching out, wanting to feel your touch

Only to realize that I miss you so much


On good days I feel numb, the pain is gone

I think and I try, but I can't seem to move on


Cause you left me alone in this dark alley

With nothing but misery as my only company


Phone in my hand, I'm waiting for it to ring

Days and nights go by and still nothing


I can’t help it, I still think about you everyday

I can’t stop it, I still love you in every possible way


Miss seeing your car in the driveway, knowing you're home

Miss hearing your sweet voice when we talk on the phone


A chapter of your life, a moment in time

A chapter of my life, a moment in mine


My heart won't let me let you go

That you don't love me, it doesn't know


I don't want to love you anymore but I do

It'll be over when my heart knows it's through


But that doesn't take away from pain that I feel

Years of memories, they all still feel so surreal


Residual sadness, all I can find within me

Do as you must, as long as your happy


Our time is over, you don't love me, so you decide

Heartbreak me you did, with tears in my eyes


What happened, what changed your mind

When did your love become the unloving kind


False hope I get when I finally hear from you

Grabbing your stuff was all you wanted to do


What did I do wrong, let me take it all back

Our fairytale story isn't supposed to end like that


How do you decide to throw away five years

When you're sitting there filled with tears


Its been so long since I felt your love for me

What was it between us that I couldn't see


For months I've waited on the sidelines

Let me catch my breath while my heart flat lines


Why'd you keep me around for so long

Just to wait for something better to come along


Just found out you're now in a new relationship

Been flying out to see him, taking little trips


How can a broken heart break again

Twice the pain, you'll never be forgiven


Does he love you, like I love you

Walk to the ends of the earth like I would do


Mask my pain as sadness washes over me

What I was blind to before, now I see clearly


Shadow of my former self, an emotional mess

All I ever needed was your sweet caress


Quit putting up walls that I keep tearing down

You're only adding fuel to the fire as we both drown


The emotional aftermath, the man you've made me become

I once had it all together, now all coming undone


You couldn't imagine, dealing with this heartbreak

A lesson I learned in life, a bit too late


I've tried, but I can't save you from yourself

To make you see what I can see, what else


I can feel the storm coming, it'll be here soon

I can see the clouds rolling in, hiding the moon


Go ahead and leave, walk out that door

Don't turn back, don’t care to ever see you anymore


Love is long gone, the pain still lingers here

What can I do to shed this last single tear


I'm sorry it worked out the way that it did

If I knew what was wrong, I would fix it


If you're not happy, then it wasn't meant to be

A sad fact, hurts to know that you don't want me


You've moved on, you don't love me, you don't care

So I'll take me heart, take my love with me, elsewhere


Life is full of choices, choose so you won't regret

For pain is a mistress that won't forgive or forget


Because it'll be alright, one day I'll be ok

Letting go is the first step, I'm on my way


The sun will still shine, life will still go on

Time to get back on my feet and start moving on


In the future, will our paths ever cross again

So we say our goodbyes for now, until then

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