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There is this guy who lives a few doors down the hall from me, that I met this year and I really like him. I just have no idea what he thinks about me, because he is so confusing! It doesn't help that I over analyze everything that he does either...


We always said "hi" to each other when we saw each other but we never really hung out until a couple weeks ago. I stopped in his room because my friend was studying with his roommate and we talked about random things. He said that he is signing up for biogeography class spring semester and I said I was signing up for Biogeography of the Global Garden. He goes, "oh, maybe I'll sign up for that class too! That would be way sweet!"


Then I stopped by his room on another day and he had me play video games with his neighbor (who I am now friends with). Then he decided to play video games and he pulled up his chair right next to me. He also looked at the paper I had written and seemed to be interested in what it was about. He told me he was going to sign up for that class with me for sure.


Then I was walking down the hall late one night, and it was just us two in the hallway (I had my laundry). he told me I shouldn't be doing laundry so late and that it is dangerous in these hallways. he then said he would wait until i got to my room safely. Two times he said "I'm still here!" and then we both just kind of laughed. Then I got to my room and he told me to have a good night.


A week later I decided to talk to him online (which we had never done before). I wrote: "You didn't sign up for the Bio class on Friday right? (Just making sure I'm not in the same class as you) Jk And he wrote "Oh that is the one I signed up for....I'm sorry


For the week after that, he never talked to me in the hall. I would be talking to one of our neighbors and he wouldn't say anything to either of us even if he saw me.


I'm also friends with his roommate so my friend and i were in their room watching the office. The guy I like comes in and every time he talked he would look at my friend or his roommate but not me. Then my friend and i left and we went opposite ways. He had to go to the drinking fountain which was my way....he talked to me about how he had such a long night ahead of him, etc...it still seemed to me that he didin't really want to talk to me or something.


The next day he was in the hallway and he saw me and didn't do anything but go in his neighbors room at first. Then he came back out and waved to me and I asked him if he knew that i was kidding about not wanting to be in the same class and he said he knew that and then he started talking about his spring classes, etc...


Now when I walk down the hallway and see him he asks where I'm going, etc...and then we talk for a little bit. He always does this quiet kind of laugh when we talk to eachother. However, when I am talking to one of his neighbors (all his neigbhors are good friends of his) he won't say anything to me.


Then the other day he chatted with me on facebook and just asked "Hey what are you up to?" and we talked for a little bit about finals and how i don't have any and he wrote that he would have to "carry me through biogeography class next semester haha jk". At the end he said he would talk to me later and signed off. Well, I tried sending him a message on facebook later but he never responded even though it said he was on........So I, of course, get freaked out that he hates me or something like that and don't want to try talking to him on there again because of it. I always think that if I wait for him to talk to me first then I will know he wants to talk to me. Now when I see him on Facebook at the same time, neither of us talk to each other....I am at home now and won't see him until January 20th when classes start. I have no idea what to do and have no way to tell if he is even slightly interested in me or just wants to be friends with me?


If anyone has any ideas about how I should go about this or what I should do or be thinking let me know, please.....I am driving myself crazy overanalyzing everything that he does.

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If anyone has any ideas about how I should go about this or what I should do or be thinking let me know, please.....I am driving myself crazy overanalyzing everything that he does.


In a way, you've answered your own question here. You really do need to stop the overanalysing, or it'll drive you crazy.


There are all sorts of explanations for his behaviour, from him being shy, to him having taken something you said the wrong way, to him fancying someone else but still willing to be friendly with you (and probably a dozen others that I haven't thought about!) Frankly, there's no real way you can find out without you coming over as a bit obsessional.


If he's interested in you, you've given him plenty of signals. Now let go. Do whatever you need to do to take your mind off him - get out and about with other friends, whatever, just stop obsessing about him and get on with your own life. Even if he starts a relationship with you, it would be difficult for you to have a healthy outlook on it when you've got an enormous crush like this!


I know this is easier said than done (I used to find it helped to send really manic emails with no punctuation to a good friend about what I was feeling - then we'd laugh about it together!) but you really need to do something for your own sanity!


Good luck!

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Notice how when his lights go dim or off, your impulse is to want to flash yours?


I'd switch off my own lights when it comes to him, and if he wants to start up anything, he knows where to find you.


No matter how you slice this it's a good idea because if he's interested, it's likely to provoke him, and if he's not, then you spare yourself foolishness.


In your corner.

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