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I'm confused as too why some girls think and act like im the most handsome attractive person they know and would do anything too be with me.Whereas others think im completely ugly and have no problem telling there friends even if im right there. ive had some of the most attractive girls i have ever known show me signs of interest. But because of all the negative comments i get from girls and even some boys when i was younger i don't know how too feel. So i thought i was ugly for a few years, then really really attractive girls show interest in me. Just imagine that for a second 13 years of only ever being told i was good looking to waking up feeling ugly everyday and not thinking that i could get any girl. I am good looking, not model good looking, ive even considered surgery, just too change my ears and nose too make me look perfect, thats how much this has affected me i cant even look at another person and feel comfortable although its impossible too notice because ive learnt how to hide my insecurity's so nobody notices.


i hear all the time nasty comments about the way i look then i feel horrible,then shortly after a few girls will flirt with me, i just want too know if im alone in this situation, im greatful the attractive girls who have liked me but i know there are boys good looking enough that almost any girl would want him. I dont want too go out with a girl and hear "whats she doing with him" even though thats perfectly normal and people say that all the time i fear people would be saying that all the time.


I feel as though i shouldnt be dating attractive girls or im not good enough because of all the people telling me im ugly


i feel as though im 50/50 when it comes too other girls..


its ether mmmmm look at him or urrrg look at him lol


some girls dont even look at other guys but they always notice me for good or bad reasons.. they always feel the need too comment


some of you may think this is stupid but its just what i think. is difficult to say what i think about this, i have never read anywhere online anybody with these same problems so i almost feel stupid.


i have felt like this for a few years now


am i alone in this and if i am why? because i think i am.

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Out of the ones who find you attractive, concentrate on the ones who you like. Leave the rest alone and don't bother with what they think. Why do that?


A wise individual, seasoned in life once mentioned that "you're lucky if ten percent of the people in this world like you." If you're getting fifty percent of the girls to like you, you're batting better than a thousand. You're not competing with Wilt Chamberlain, are you?


Most people don't have what YOU have there. How many do you need? What's better: half thumbs up and half thumbs down, or all lukewarm?


You'll learn what you wonder soon enough, if you think it through.

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You sound a bit like you're wound too tight in a loop, and it's all about you. That's a perfect road to misery and self-consciousness, if not narcissism and selfishness.


Break the pattern. Get outside your self regularly. Go work in a soup kitchen and feed the homeless, or volunteer at your local animal shelter and walk the dogs--do stuff with people who don't care how pretty you are.


If this sounds hostile, it's not meant to be. I spent the better part of my teens and 20s obsessed with my looks, only to find that they are NOT as important as I believed them to be. I understand now how much good living I threw away on that preoccupation.


In your corner.

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