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Do I (or, how do I) ask her out?


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Hello! Shy, 22, never kissed, dated, etc, and feeling gutsy about breaking out of it.


There's a woman I had a huge crush on senior year of high school. We talked several times during class, she was always very kind to me. After having a class together our first year of college, I lost track of her.


Just recently, I pinned down her email address, and have been writing her back and forth for the past couple of months. It hasn't been much, just a little small talk.


I had always wanted to ask her out, I just could never bring myself to. I've always been incredibly shy and awkward, and have only recently started to get less so. Though only a little less...


Even though she could easily already be seeing someone, or have no attraction to me whatsoever, and even if she did I probably passed any chance I ever had with her years ago, I want to try now.


My first question is, should I? I don't want to seem like some sort of a creep or anything.


My second question is, then, how do I do it? Email doesn't seem like a very high form of communication for this but it's the only way I know how to reach her. Should I ask for her phone number and then call her? And what do I say? I know I have to learn by doing, but I have no experience here, and really don't want so screw this up.


Any thoughts about the situation I'm in, or any specific advice there would be very helpful, I'm really at a loss. Thanks everyone.

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Congrats on getting her email! Step one over!

The next bit is the hardest, you just have to do it!

If she turns you down, she turns you down..we have ALL been there my friend..rejection isn't fun, but you absolutely HAVE to take a chance and ask her or you'll always wonder.

How about a casual "Holiday season is upon us, I've got some spare time, fancy meeting for some lunch?"

Keep it casual and stop thinking about it, just do it! Think positive and have faith in yourself!

Good luck

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