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Help me understand..

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A mutual friend of my ex and mine said to me today,"there were so many things wrong in that relationship..."


I am the firs tto admit we had problems or we wouldn't of broken up but SO many problems?

So I asked, "like what are you referring to?"

She said," Oh, I don't want to talk about him."


Ugh, this kind of stuff drives me crazy because before the break-up and since she has been very up front with the fact that she knew he was going to hurt me and yada yada yada..so she knows things she isn't revealing and because my is very good friends with her husband she can't tell because that is breaking her loyalty to him...

but these comments are making me doubt our whole relationship. AM I missing something, was I so blindly in love that everyone else knows and has seen and heard things I don't??

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I'm sure it wasn't all a lie. Don't be too hard on yourself. And don't feel that you worked so hard on something that wasn't worth anything - because undoubtedly it was: both parties will have learned from and appreciated the relationship even now when it's over. The best thing is to move on and not stress about little things that come up such as this

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