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Immuno HGC Detector question


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Hey all, I just have a quick question about the Immuno HGC Detector pregnancy test, which I have not been able to find on the internet.

I have never personally used a pregnancy test before and my mum, who used to work at a clinic, just happened to have a bunch of these at home for emergencies. Thing is, although I've helped my friends with the test and she's worked with them before, neither of us can remember if the "C" or the "T" indicates a positive test result, and we have since lost the instruction booklet and now only have a hug stockpile of the tests themselves. Is anyone familiar with these? Can anyone tell me which is which?

Understandably, I just want to be sure which indicates positive and which indicates negative before I take the test.


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Ahh, but the thing is, these are tests that are actually used by our GP and have a very low chance of incorrect results... I have had many friends experience incorrect results with storebought ones, which is why we wanted to try this first.

However, I'll most probably end up buying a couple others, just in case...

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