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Uninvited guest....

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my boyfriend and me been together for 2 and half years. we love each other a lot. recently he met a friend at a homeless shelter where he worked for security. next thing I know they been txtn each other for a week and he invited this guy over for the weekend to help him out. this is my first time meeting this guy and i feel like something is up with him. well anyways it turns out that this guy is bi. my boyfriend left out that little detail. so know im starting to think that this guy is after my boyfriend and im feeling like our relationship is threaten by this dude.


so anyways, we went out got some food. and i sat in the back seat of the car. multiple times i seen this guy pat my boyfriends leg while he was driving. i see them both flirting like crazy and it is really bugging me and im feeling really hurt. I dont know what to do or say to my bf to get this guy to leave. im afraid that when i go to work on Monday that there gonna do something. my boyfriend knows i don't like the guy and i don't trust him neither his brother that stays with us too. my boyfriend claims that this is a jealousy issue but it is not. Ill admit that im jealous but from what im seeing now it is wrong...what should i do?

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Why were you in the backseat? You should have been up front with your man. Secondly, you need to let both of them know that you see how the guy flirts with your boyfriend and you aren't tolerating any of it.


I have a lot of gay friends that are very flirtatcious but wouldn't cheat on their partner. Do you feel that your boyfriend is capable of cheating? Have you suspected this in the past?

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