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So, I'm staying with a good friend and his girlfriend over christmas break. Their both amazingly good friends of mine. However, today I basically found out that my friends girl is emotionally cheating on him. She told me that to basically ignore everything I was hearing ( I was playing X-Box in the room) and shes flirting with, and was seeming to be planning a trip to see this guy, "we should go swimming and stuff" yada yada. I dont want to assume because it might be a hypothetical, if we went swimming, (I phased in and out of the convo) I wasnt trying to eavesdrop, its just the stuff u hear when ur not totally focused on the game lol.


At any rate, She was telling me that her and my bud have been having problems. They have been arguing a bit more, and he's told her that hes still in love with his ex, though he would never leave her. Part of me is thinking that shes trying to use that as an excuse to leave in case she gets hurt or something.


But their both really good people, I want to tell my friend about what shes said, but its really not my place to meddle. Should I just let things pan out!?

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I would let things just happen as they should. It's great that you want to look out for your bud, but if I were you I would urge her to come clean with him, still letting her know that you wouldn't inform him of her "infidelities".


*I am soooooo jealous of them glasses. My daughter would be too. =)

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This is a tough...no win situation. Either way you could lose. If she says later on that you knew, to hurt him-and she is trying to, then that would be bad. Ofcourse, telling him could be just as bad.


She was wrong to include you. I might try the old "you tell him or I will." But, I screw things up taking my own advise, so...

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