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He Loves My Son


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I really don't have anyone to talk to about anything here lately. * My best friend and I went our separate ways when she decided to lie to my mother about me. * She told her everything from how I was lazy to how I was a bad mother...... Blah blah blah BS... so I quit talking to her.Anyway, my son's father and I couldn't work out our problems. * He wasn't willing to try to control his anger issues and I gave up on him. * My mom and sister with the ones with me when I had my little boy, and I consider them my angels. * I don't know if I would have even tried to make had they not been there. * I was in labor for 38 hours and then my doctor decided I needed an emergency C-Section. * It was all worth it though. * He's my world.So, about a month and a half ago, I met this guy. * We will call him Bob. * I met Bob at the grocery store in town and then he proceeded to add me on myspace where we struck up a conversation on music and movies, then exchanged phone numbers. We would text everyday and when we were on the phone, we talked for hours. * After talking to him for about two weeks, I told him about my situation with my son and his father. * He said it was no big deal. * He loved kids.... Three days later we went out on a date. * I got my mom to watch him while we went to eat and watch a movie and I had a great time. * We went out on a few more dates, but my parents wanted to meet this guy because I had talked about him so much. * So last night he came over and got to meet my mom and step dad... and my son. * And he loves him! * I was so excited! * It was the first time I had met someone that wanted to hold and play with him! * I just have this fear in the back of my head that I will get too close and get my heart broken again. * I'm afraid it's all a front and I will get played like I did before. * I'm not sure I can handle getting my heart ripped out again. * I mean, I'm already crazy about this guy! * * We have so much in common and we talk all of the time! * But, part of me feels like I should distance myself from him, to avoid being hurt when he decided to walk out of my life. * I don't know if it's healthy to think that way or not and I get confused at times because I want to follow my heart for once. And this is a pic of my gorgeous little boy!!!

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I think give it a chance. If you never take any chances in life you won't get any good things, either. However, I would limit his exposure to the child. The child already sounds like he has stable adults in his life (You, Your Mom, Family). If something does happen, and you guys do break up, after the child is attached, it will hurt him. So that's just a thought to keep in mind for the baby boy (He's adorable BTW).


Bottom line: If you think you are healed, you should give it a try. This new guy sounds nice, especially if your family approves.

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Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


If there is one thing I know for sure about life it is that you have to take your chances. If you hit, you hit if you don't you don't. You can't be afraid to take a shot because of the chance of failure or you will never succeed. Also you can't ever give up. Time given up is time wasted.


My advice to anyone in regards to anything is aim very high at something that is real.


You wouldn't aim to be a pro-basketball player but you might aim to find a husband who will help care for you son. If you have a good man in your life it is worth taking a shot on.


You never win much if you don't take a risk. Right now you've got nothing to lose apart from a broken heart.

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