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Just felt I needed to vent. For those of you interested here my last post which is related to tonight:




Basically since then I been corresponding with my old friend via email. We had been emailing back and forth and because of a big events in her life (her parents moving away) and b/c of some stuff in mine this was to be the weekend she told me to call her after I asked her out last weekend.


Well, I sent her a message on Sunday saying I would be back in the city on Saturday and had not heard back from her. I sent her a text and tried calling her tonight and her phone was off!


(Now, by the same token one of her best friends whom is dating my best friend sent her an invite to her bday next weekend and has also not heard back.)


As I mentioned before in my old post, I'm a little disappointed in this. I realize that I probably should have called her during the week to confirm for this weekend because her message to me was to do exactly that. However, next time I speak to her I will let her know that I was disappointed in this.


This has been one of the few times in my life where I am actually going out on a limb and asking out people. Yes, I know these type of setbacks are part of it and they will occur again. My attitude going into this was it'd be nice to have her as a friend again and if something more happens it does - and if it doesn't then it doesn't


Well, I'm alone right now and I guess I'd just like some support or feedback.





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I would not take it personally or be to hasty to come to an conclusion. Give it some more time could be that, she is under some stress or stuck in some kind of emergency.


After all her phone is switched off ..not like she isnt picking up or ignoring you.


give it a few days.

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