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I've been friends with this girl for a long time, almost 2 years. We really started talking frequently at the beginning of this year, and have talked almost every day since the summer. She is now my girlfriend, and really was my best friend before that. I had asked her on dates before and she said "I don't date right now" She actually didnt date anyone for a year or so. We started talking /hanging out more and she brought up being my g/f.


We've been dating a few months, and every so often, once every 2 weeks or so, she will be kind of distant and when I ask her whats going on she just says she feels like we shouldnt be dating now. She definitely wants to date me, but something feels weird about the timing. Ill ask her what she wants to do and she will pretty much just not want to break up or anything, but shes distant.


After this happens, the next morning she will call and say something to "Thank you so much for having patience with me, Im so sorry about last night, I don't know why I keep confusing myself like that".


A mutal friend says she is constantly second guessing her b/f's.


Possible ideas on the cause are: She may be leaving in a year a LONG distance away (we are currently long distance, but only about an hour s we see each other once a week or so).


Second cause: Shes been burned bad in the past (havent we all?) and shes told me that she is scared that Im going to leave her...which is strange since she brings it up.


Next day, everything is fine, its like nothing happened. Any ideas on this? I really do love this girl, as I've known her for a while and shes one of the most caring and compassionate people I know...and shes kind of tomboyish which I like


Any suggestions, ideas? If its something she needs help with, Ill be glad to help her, I just don't know what I can do.

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