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Any Feelings??


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ok.. here is the story.. its been about a week already.. the last time i heard her say that we should break up and our relationship is going no where and we do not belong together.. right at the time when i heard that i was in a total breakdown.. but i kept everything cool.. and i asked why and what had happened and why should this be like this.. and she said we weren't meant to be together.. we have dated for one and half years.. everything in the beginning was smooth and happy.. now that it was a break up.. i have figuring out everything i did wrong.. i do not want to blame her for everything because i am not like that.. well anyways, my question is.. since she had said that she wanted to breakup with me, she saids she has no feelings for me like before, but she calls me and talks to me.. and we talk but not like before.. and she never mentioned being friends or anything like that but what does that mean?? does she want to back with me or just wants to call me and talk since she said that she has no more feelings for me anymore??? can someone with past experienced or maybe know something that could help me out.. i have been depressed and sad and got fired from my job because of this..

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Hello, welcome to enotalone.


You don't have to blame the other person when a relationship goes wrong, you only have to understand what went wrong in order to avoid not seeing it next time. But basically it's more important to know what you would have done differently and not because you should beat yourself up for it but because that's all you will ever control: how you act and how you react.


After a break-up it's recommended that you don't talk to your ex because it can emotionally drain you and you won't be able to properly deal with what happened.


If she's calling you it could be because she wants validation without any sort of commitment, she could be bored or she could feel guilty and thinks she's doing you a favour by being in touch, there really isn't a good reason to talk to an ex immediately after the break-up, sometimes we feel anything is better than nothing and don't want to ask them to stop calling us because "they might not come back".

If she broke up with you and doesn't want you back it's better to get used to the idea, you can end up losing more than your job if you act like that isn't happening.


She's not with you, there's no reason why you should keep investing your thoughts there, you had a life before her and you have to work on recovering it.


Don't answer when she calls, avoid her, try to move forward and stop worrying about what she might want, go out with friends, do things you enjoy, your life is not over.

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