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I have been with my boyfriend 3 1/2 years and have lived with him most of that time. I love him and he is in love with me too. Our committment to each other has been solid. We have a good relationship with the typical problems most couples have. However, ever since I have known him, I have thought he was boring. There is nothing exciting about him. He has not taken me on a date in over a year. I have forgotten what it was like to dress up and get all sexy and pretty for my man. Tonight we FINALLY had the house to ourselves! This does not happen often at all! His 17 y/o daughter lives with us full time and her mom never takes her. Since money is tight (due to her upcoming college) I planned a nice romantic evening at home for us. (FYI: Our sex life has always been wonderful so no complaints there). Well...it is 8 0 PM and he is on the bed snoring. I am once again spending another Saturday night basically alone, bored out of my mind. I don't know what to do. He is not a romantic person yet I NEED that romance every now and then. It can't all just be sex. He never makes me feel special or adored.


Am I asking too much of him. I know relationships settle and I accept that but DAMN! Do I have to give up romance all together??? Give me advice please? Should I move on? Should I lower my expectations? What do I need to do?


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Oh yes, many times but in the past six months I have just given up. I just don't think he has a clue even though I am very open with him about it.


did you just mention it? Or did you sit down with him and tell him how important this is to you. How much it would mean to you if he went out of his way to do something romantic.

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Perhaps you need to really sit down and have a heart to heart talk with him. Give him some examples of the romantic gestures you would like to see from him. Maybe the two of you can find a book on romantic gestures and read it together. On the other hand, if he has always been like this maybe he is just not the romantic gesture type but shows his love in a myriad of other ways.


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If you turn the tables and do something yourself maybe he will catch on. It doesn't always have to be the guy. But it is stressful he is paying for his daughters college and doesn't have much for himself. Most the times when men aren't romantic is because they lack the money for it and don't want their partner to spend it.

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