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Would you date a sex worker?


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So sex worker is anyone who makes money off of sex, it includes prostitutes, strippers, porn stars, dominatrix (dominatrices?) Men or women. There are male strippers, and some male prostitutes (although I think the majority of them are gay or bi) and there are certainly male porn stars.


Would you consider dating some of them but not others? Would you date someone who had done this work in the past but not if they are still doing it?


No I wouldn't. Not someone who was making money off it currently, and I doubt someone who made money off it in the past. The latter I don't want to say "never" about, but who knows what the future holds. For some reason I hope I don't find myself in that position though.

I'd rather not date someone who had sex with people for money or did sexual favors/was a porn star for numerous reasons.

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No, because there are thousands of occupations to choose from in this world, and their choice to use their sexuality to earn money says a lot about them and what is (and isn't) important to them.


Many end up in the sex industry because they are drug addicted and it is good money to pay for habits while not having to keep their brains sharp, and others because they have no morals and are going for easy big money ($2K a night hooker), or because they have a troubled psychological history that makes them choose something that can be degrading and potentially very dangerous.


There are also people that exploit others in the industry (pimps, porn producers) who are sleazy characters who are truly awful human beings.


So no, i wouldn't date someone in that industry. But i do pity and empathize with them. My one exception to the no dating rule woudl be someone who had been in that industry, then gotten out and used their experience to try to help others in the industry break free.

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Don't you think you're rationalising? Emotions precede reasons.


Speaking of "degrading" - I doubt most guys would object to women paying them for sex. It would be amusing, hilarious, educational - in no way degrading.


Interesting results! All women either object strenuously or have huge reservations. All but one men have no problem dating a former sex-worker.


I expected this result. The difference, however, was sharper than I had predicted. ENA women are more conservative than the women I know.


Conclusion? Men don't see prostitution as a moral issue. Women do. Ancient instincts.

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