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Here I go again! (for anyone hurting bad because of a break-up)

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I've been hanging out with another girl pretty recently. I'm 43 days nc with the ex and now I think I'm starting to fall again with this new girl. I can't believe I was so blind about everything. For everyone just now going through the pain of a break-up please hang in there. You just have to trust that the Universe or God or whatever you like to call it is sending you something far better in the future. It happened when I least expected it. I was driving home from work and it had been a rough day thinking about the ex. I started crying on the way home, missing her and wondering why me? I got angry at this whole thing that we call life. It was kind of a personal blow-out.


I got home and said screw it I'm going out tonite and I'm not gonna look for anyone, I'm just gonna have a good time. And I met someone new. The conversation just clicked and we've been together the last couple of nights. No sex, (I really respect that about her) just alot of cuddling and kissing. I'm falling again but with someone who I have alot more chemistry with and who I find far more attractive then my ex! I can't stop thinking about the new girl. Point is just let it be. I fought all of the change that was happening to me and refused to let go of someone that didn't belong to me in the first place. I know it's hard but let them go. Hope this helps someone who thinks they'll never meet another. Ridiculous!

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Good for you funky but proceed with caution. I did the same about 4 weeks ago. Was at a real low point over my ex, went out one night determined to have fun and met a girl. We hung out a bit, on an off, and still have been. Problem is i've become attached to her really easily but i dont think it's going to go anywhere so i feel like i've hurt myself again..


I hope you and this new girl work out, just take it easy and dont get too involved too quickely

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