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Well he is the scenario... me and this girl have been good friends since 7th grade... i had a crush on her best friend... through out high school we were all a tight knit group..me the girl the bestfriend and two other guys.. however when highschool ended we all went our separate ways... we all went off to college except for colleen..my friend...well things at college didnt work out well for me and i ended up going for one year and coming home.... so now i live in my parents house and she lives in her parents house in the same town we grew up in... her best friend now lives an hour away which lead to us hanging out a lot more than we used to..everything is goin good and then all of a sudden my feelings for colleen have slowly started to change, i still see her as a really good friend.... but i can also see this developing into something more...one night at a party at my house we did kiss.. but we were both drunk so i dont really expect that to mean anything... basically i was wondering how i could try to see if colleen has any feelings like that towards me and possibly pursuing them...we're going to see a meteor shower tonight so i wish thinkin i might try a blanket on the beach with a cuddle or something like that idk... annny suggestions would help thanks!

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