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job scams?


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what are some job scams you've heard of?


i applied to this company through my college jobsite, and they have a website that seemed alright. but when the guy called for the phone interview....man, it just sounds off.....they want me to work as an independent contractor for a few hours to take screenshots of their competitor's product? and sign some form? (he mentioned in an offhand way maybe i want to check with my lawyer, in a semi-joking way?) and he mentioned the website is outdated and should be taken off soon? and he kept saying "what's it's like over there?"...like he was from really far way, but the website lists their office as being nearby.


it just sounds shady even though the form i was sent looks legit. the work that he wants me to do is from home (which is not what i was looking for) and i know there are many work at home scams. he mentioned this was some "marketing" work...but i applied for research. just a phone interview and i was hired for a few hours?


what do you think of this? (should i even respond with no thanks or just drop them cold turkey?)


and what are some job scams that have targeted you?

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If this is on your college website, report it to them so they can investigate.


Many of these 'at home' schemes ask you to give them money to buy products from the company that you in turn are supposed to sell. Or they get you to do a bunch of work, then don't pay you.


A lot of 'marketing' work is a euphemism for sales... they'll want you to sell their product on commission, and probably pay for the product before you sell it!


Avoid those work at home schemes if you can, unless you can do research to determine it is a legitimate business.

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