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what should i do


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i been with this person for 12 years but he is still married and has children. he don't want to lose his child because of a divorce so he said he can't leave till she is 18. i want someone home with me, i want to do things to gether on a daily basis. i want a life, not to be the second hand rose. i have threaten to leave, told him it was over, told him i wouldn't wait but i love him and i am still here. i feel as though life is to short and by the time he makes his move we won't beable to enjoy our self. when i say i gave up my life for you he says he gave up everything for me.i am never right it always get turned around and its me. i am willing to throw away everything. i don't want another holiday alone just with my family. i want him there not just for 5 minutes. what should i do. email removed

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