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my ex contacted me after a month and a half of no contact! what to do??

What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What...
What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What To Do?

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ok so I walked past her today in the hallway, and she grabbed my arm and said that she needed to talk to me. I already figured it qould be about me supposeodly trying to get with her friends. So I said ok and walked away. She text me shortly after, and asked why i changed my look? ( pretty stupid right). I told her because I looked good in the clothes I wear now. She said she didnt like my hair style either, and that it looked nicer when i geled it up.


Soon enough she says, o and If your talking to my friends please tell them not to give me dirty looks when I pass them.


I told her that im defenetly not talking to any of her friends like that, and that whoever told her that was lying. I also said If she wanted me to clear this up more for her than i would.


She didnt respond to that. Im over her and im not quite sure what she is trying to provoke. Can anyone help me make sense out of this?

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