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Trust in yourself not others


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I totally believe once the trust is gone it's gone....no turning back!


Honestly, what are you going to do your whole life look in their wallet, pants/shirt pockets, scheming on their PC or cell phone, facebook...etc??


All of that takes away your energy, stresses you out, and there will always be some suspicion...a person cannot live their life that way.


Even if you say, "Oh I can look past it, get over it", or whatever you try to convince yourself of...deep down that nagging feeling will be there to always look in your SO things.


It wasn't other women I was suspicious of with my ex it was drugs and then from time to time I would find porn, but it wasn't the fact he watched it (I am not a prude), but it was the fact he lied about watching it. I am an experienced lover and not worried about my sexual skills not to mention I like doing it often.


Anyway, I don't like being lied to...and if he would lie to me over small issues then how can I trust him to tell me the truth about anything else.


Finding drugs in his school bag, he would disappear for days, never answer his phone, come home dirty, unshaven, smelling like a garbage can the list goes on...so don't tell me your not on drugs...grrrrrrrr


For sure I cannot be with someone I don't trust, respect, or admire !!


Not your insecurities, but rather your deep gut feelings tell you something make sure you do listen to it....always, always, always...trust in yourself.


I remember long ago I used to look in his things, but I stopped and said to myself, "what are you doing"? After that I never rummaged through his things again....I am a strong woman and know my selfworth and it is beneath me to grovel looking for answers regarding what this guy is up to.


As I said many many times on other forums...we cannot control what others do or think...they will do things against us whether we like it or not.


Say for example if a person is cheating on you then let them....people who feel the need to cheat on someone they claim to love have low self-esteem and need their self-worth to be validated by others...cheating on someone is just being needy and weak...and remember you are a good, caring, beautiful person...it's your SO that is insecure....basically, it only boils down the them cheating on themselves.


If you don't trust that person anymore then it's time to go...trust is hard to get back...some people give it to freely and get hurt...your trust is special and should be guarded at all times until a person earns it that means friends too.


I broke up with my ex because I don't trust him with my future and I will never take him back.

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Drugs would lead me to never trust him again. Porn, hey I like porn, no problem. Cheating, it would depend, but I can put that behind me. Again, not a real problem if I decide not to make it one. The only thing I have against cheating is the fear of disease, so maybe that one would be hard to ignore. However, if he was truly sorry, I would get tested and put it behind us.

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I agree with you. Certainly with the drugs that is a complete deal breaker for me. As for cheating, I can't say which way I would go on that, it would depend on the situation. Some people regret having cheated and are very remorseful...others are simply serial cheaters. A betrayed person would have to trust their gut on whether or not they feel the person will stray again. However in many cases the betrayed can't let it go even though they choose to stay with the partner and the partner is truly remorseful.

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