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It's been over a year and i'm in another relationship...is this normal?

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I broke up with my ex over a year and a half ago and i've been dating my current boyfriend for a while now (about to have our year anniversary). I had a dream about my ex last night, in which i ran into him (nothing other then that occurred).


About 3 months ago I was in a rough patch with my current boyfriend and ended up running into my ex, he confessed that he still had feelings for me. the ex and i Broke up after we moved into a new apartment together and he quit his job, didn't look for a new one, and I ended up selling my video games and systems to pay for rent. After that he ended up moving out and leaving me high and dry. We broke up shortly after but got back together for another month trying to make things work (he had said my depression had scared him off, which was caused by the stress of lack of money).


Fast forward to me running into him. He explained that he would never treat me like that again and he felt horrible about it and would make it up to me if we ever got together (i felt if he really wanted to make it up to me, now that he had a new job, he would at least pay for half the rent of when he lived there). Call me an idiot, but i actually thought about getting back together with him. However ultimately after considering for a few weeks (2 at the most) I decided that I was going to try to work it out with my current boyfriend and that his and our relationship deserved it. Although we still have rough patches, due to school and stress, I have never had another depression episode and I'm doing great in school (my boyfriend is extremely supportive while my ex didn't care).


Well anyways, I had that dream of him last night so i decided to look up his myspace, just out of curiosity, and saw that he just started dating a girl. Is it ok for me to be a little upset? I'm not upset that she's with him. I guess I'm upset because i feel like I was the one he messed up with. And I know he would never treat her like he treated me because he learned his lesson (I was the one who finally ended it between us). I love my boyfriend dearly and I'm not considering what it would be like to be back with my ex... more like disappointed that i was hurt so much. I hope she is a nice girl and he is happy with her. But at the same time I'm a little resentful. Is this ok? Is it normal?


Sorry for the long post. D:

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