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I think I'm almost healed?

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So I think I'm getting pretty close to being over her. I still think of her but not as much as I used to. I think she is completely off the pedestal that I placed her on though. I'm looking at her faults alot more lately and starting to see that maybe this was indeed for the best. I can't even honestly say that I would ever even get back together with her. I just don't know. I never found out if she had cheated or not. There was just no proof. That seems to be my #1 reason for not wanting her. It's funny, when I first came here I was asking for advice on whether I had a shot still and I was willing to take whatever she dished out but now I feel like the prize! I guess I'm getting alot closer to being healed completely. I guess it helps I met a much cuter girl the other night and we hit it off really good!


It's been four months of which 39 I have been completely nc. I won't even look at her myspace. Nc is def the way to go. I have been sleeping like a baby again! The first 3 months were torture so for anyone still in contact with the ex who is wondering why they still can't eat or sleep there you have it. I love her still, I can't deny that but It's not an "I have to be with you type of love." I just know that I love her but I don't need her. I'm doing fine on my own. Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments but they are fading fast.

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