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You're still so much alive


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The tears roll down your cheeks

And drip off your chin

As you dig your tiny finger nails

Into your porcelain skin


I know this pain all too well

I've felt the terror that I see in your eyes

And I've felt the heaviness of the the broken smile you wear

In front of others; your clever disguise


You've forgotten how to love yourself

And I wish so terribly that I could help you see

You are the most beautiful soul I've ever met

But when I tell you this, your fear always has to disagree


I know that this is the hardest thing

That you've ever dared to do

It's so hard to let go of the past

And everything you've been through


It's OK to be angry, my love

It's OK to be sad

All I ask is that you listen to me when I say,

Lets take it one day at a time - and I swear your world will be safe today


If you need to cry sometimes

When I'm not around

Go for it baby

Tears don't mean you're breaking down


They show that your still living

For the dead - they never cry

You made it, youre still here

Youre still so much alive

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