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Girl I care for, with Boyfriend, and Boyfriend is abusive


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There's this girl I care about, and lately we've become closer. Problem is, she has a boyfriend, and he is abusive. Well, she actually said that "He has abusive tendencies". I'm not really sure what to do, my initial thought was: There is not a more shameful thing a guy can do than to hit a girl - and I was really mad, maybe i should go find this guy and beat his ass, i dont know. Anyway, what do you think i should do?



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Hey Dilemma,


I fully understand your reaction. Abusing someone is the worst thing someone can do to someone else. I don't think, though that finding this guy and kick his behind is the solution to it.


My suggestion is, that as soon as this happens again, she presses charges against this guy and report him at the next police station. That will keep this guy busy for a while. Why? Because it's totally against the law!


I hope this helped you... good luck in supporting her! I am sure she found a GREAT friend in you


~ SwingFox ~

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