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I gaze upon

Many stars in the sky

As I marvel upon this beauty

I think to myself and smile.

Because I look at the stars

Sparking gems in the sky

And my thoughts turn to you.


I gaze upon

Many stars in the sky

And I think of your beautiful face

I think of the joy that I feel

When I see you smile

I think of you in all your majesty

Smiling back at me

Mon amour, my spirits run free

Such is the love and joy within me.


Even though you may have found

Another stargazer

I still write this verse.

Because my love is beyond any singing of it.

It burns within me.

With all its fire and glory.

Such is the love that I feel.


So if you care to

Talk to this lovestruck stargazer

Pray you stay a while

Stay at my side

So we shall

Gaze at the stars together….

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