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So Nieve.


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I should have listened to all of you.

All the warning signs were there, and I thought maybe, just maybe

I was strong enough to look past everything that was said and done; and that he would change.


I have learned that you should never try to change somebody. It's not that I wanted to CHANGE him. I just wanted him to be faithful. I guess some people will go through life without knowing the true meaning of that. Some people will never know how much it hurts to have your trust manipulated and stolen.


There is not a day that goes by that I regret the time I spent with him, because this situation has shaped me into a better, smarter person.


I can't say he changed me, but I can say that he has opened my eyes to what someone can do to someone's heart.


You can take it, break it, lie to it, twist it, soothe it, and ultimetly make it so raw and fulnerable that it bleeds.


I went through this relationship thinking..." Am I that girl? That girl that keeps going back to her boyfriend that abuses her?"


He never laid a finger on me. I wish he would have. It would have been much easier to leave him.


It just hurts to think you knew someone, and that a bunch of strangers who have never met him before knew better.


Hopefully this post will help someone in my shoes, and please... PLEASE listen to people on here, because next thing you know; a couple months have passed and your spirit is broken.


God, I'm so nieve.

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hey zenbabyk... You're right about what you said... I dont know your previous story... yet... Just hang on... if life takes something or someone away from you, its either because he didnt deserve you or you have something better waiting in line... hope things turn out bright. As of now, relax... With what you said, you've been through lots. Give mom a big hug, it'll make you feel better. Keep smiling..

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I'm not sure of your entire situation but I feel from what I've read that like many others I've been there. It's like your heart and your head are at war with each other. You know you love them with everything you've got and you can't immagine life without them and then your head is telling you..."what is wrong with you? Why do you put up with this crap?" I can give out the best advice but a big flaw with me is that I can't take that advice and apply it to my own situation. I hope things get better for you. Stay strong and hang in there and find any opportunity to laugh. It really helps to be able to laugh with friends and family.

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