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What If I didn't walk you home?

What if the snow didn't touch the ground?

what if I never said I love you?

would you even still be around?


What if the last thing I said was I hate you?

what if in the next day you died?

what if the first thing I said was I need you?

What If i said it all of the time?


What If I said I called you a liar?

What If I can still feel your lips upon mine?

What if your perfume still lingers around me?

Is it still wrong I wish you were mine?


What If you change your mind every hour?

What if your never sure what you want?

What If I left more bitter than before?

I'm quite sure its not what you want?


What If I just want you out of my life?

What If these actually happened?

What If I'm ice cracking faster

as each part of you warms me up?


What If a part of me broke away

followed then by another part to?

What if this kept happening

until I were Icebergs in a sea of you?

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