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Well I had a major slip up :-(

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Ok well I was doing so well with leaving the ex alone until I came accross a award certificate from her scholl while going through some papers.


So knowing that I would want an award letter I thought I should send it to her. So I sent her an e-mail after 3 months since I last saw her asking for her address so I could mail it.


She resonded Hi thanks for e-mailing me about it I would like to have it.


Well after that contact it got all those feelings going again So I e-mailed her again saying everythng from how she hurt me to I wish she got help and how ithurt me to see her do the things she was doing I finished off the letter wishing her a nice holiday.


then I was talking to my friend and she brought up the point that I should accpet my ex for what and who she is. So in other words I should accept that she wants to work for an escort service and if I was a good friend I should stand by her reguardless of what she does.


So of course me being the sap I am I think yeah maybe I am not a good friend maybe I should accept her for who she is even though it hurts like he doubble L


So I sent her another e-mail expaliningthat maybe I wasnot a good friend to you but I am struggling with the idea of accpeting you for what you do.


I told her I missed her friendship and hate not being in her life in some way but on the other hand didn't know if I coudl dealwith her being an escort because the thoughts of her sleeping with stangers instead of me were a bit much.


So anyways I sent the e-mail probably shouldn't have but oh well I don't care.


Now Iam just thinking am I wrong for not being a friend that would stand by her no matter what or am I justified in staying away because she is a prostitute.


I mean I hear guys say that they would date a prostitute and I don't understand that for the life of me or is it that Iam just too closed minded??


I dunno any insight would help alot

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Don't change your values because you want her. It is possible to fall in love with the wrong person. And it often happens to teach us a lesson about ourselves.


What he said.


C'mon. You're contorting awfully hard to convince yourself that being a 'good friend' by some numbskull's definition is in your best interest. It's probably the biggest pretzel job I've seen on these boards, and there are some doozies.


You're not going to straighten out your head until you leave the girl alone. Maybe that should include avoiding contact with any 'friend' who'd convince you that acting against your own sanity is how you can be a 'good friend'.


In your corner.

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How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You OR Yourself!!


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