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Cutting/ Bulimic Friend?

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When I met my good friend (9 months ago) I noticed she had REALLY bad breath. It lingers around her when we go out, like she is passing gas, but it is coming from her mouth! I know this sounds horrible, and I don't even like talking about it because she is such a sweet girl, but I am a little concerned.


When we first became friends I noticed a lot of cuts on her arms and legs, which were clearly self inflicted. I have tried to avoid looking at her arms since. But the breath... I am thinking she is bulimic as well.


She is a vegan and extremely thin.. could this cause the bad breath?


I'm pretty sure she will confront me about her cuts sometime. I am her closest friend right now and we are both in school to become psychiatrists.


I have a lot of friends come to me about their problems... and I am always very happy to help. But I am very worried about my friend confronting me because she is so secretive and shy. I am worried I wont be able to help her...

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