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Online v.s. Real Life gossip


Virtual v.s. real life gossip  

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  1. 1. Virtual v.s. real life gossip

    • I would get hurt more if they talked about me with people
    • I would get hurt more if they write online about me
    • Both of them would hurt me equally
    • I don't know which would hurt me the most

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Ok so how would you react if one of these two cases presented themselves, which would hurt you the most, why??


Case 1) You recently found out that someone was talking behind your back with other people and gossiping (it can be true as well as false)


Case 2) You found out he/she wrote about you here at ENO and/or other online sites (can be true as well as false too)


For me I think case 1 because they're are talking about you to people they know and relate to in real life on a constant basis, while in the later at least it was just online with strangers and besides their messages can be deleted anytime they feel the OP will find out.

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if they talked about me to people we know in real life, it would hurt me much more. depending on what they say, online gossip could hurt but i don't think it would hurt as much because they could just be venting and if they just talk online to strangers, it won't really affect my friendships..

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I vote for that ^


With a close second being thinking, "They must really be lacking for things to talk about, if they're talking about me" or perhaps, "I must really be fascinating if I'm the topic of that many peoples' discussions...."


As the old saying goes, "There is no such thing as bad publicity."

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