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can i get some help please?

I Have Feelings For Someone Else Wh...
I Have Feelings For Someone Else While In a Relationship

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Ok this might be a little weird but just bear with me please. I was 17 years old dating a 14 year old. At first we didnt get to see eachother much because of a dispute between families, but after that she still wouldnt ask me to go out or anything until i brought it up and had to keep asking why she wont ask me to hangout. On valentines day i got no gift, no card, no nothing. For our first kiss i had to hold her head straight because she would turn away from me adn shed say ' I dont know why i do that". If family was over her house she would never invite me over but she would always be over to meet my family. So my point being is that i made everything happen, even hand holding, i mean EVERYTHING! So eventually i could not handle it anymore and left her in a pursuit for a better relationship. Now im with a new girlfriend, and to my surprise this is her first boyfriend, as in im even the first person to ever even take her out on a date. Now in my past relationship i always told myself that my x would begin to do everything in time and i believed it and waited and waited but nothing ever happened until i made it happen. Now my fear in my new relationship is that she wont do anything if i dont do it first and it bothers me because time now is almost like an enemy since my last relationship. My friends say i should help her and get over my fear of nothing ever happening yet i feel like if i do itll only be because i did it that it happened. Then theres also the fact that every relationship is different, so basically im asking, do i get over my fear and help or do i wait and see? because shes in her first relationship so shes not sure of what to do and * * * * so i ask myself, help her and get over the past experience, or wait and see? (its only been 1 month) any advice is greatly greatly appriciated

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first of all you should not have been wtih a 14 year old. She mostly did not have you around because I could imagine that her family was not to happy about it...AlSO she is 14 YEARS OLD how is she suposse to know how to do anything.


One question this knew Ine how old is she? Closer to your age I would think or hope any way.


you should not make any one do anything least of all kiss you or hold hands.


I the girl is not ready to do anyhting then you need to respect that and wait.


The relationship should not be based off of physical activitys.....even at seventeen you should want more then that.


Best advice lay off some...who know it might even help.


You sound like the type that scares women away just back off a little and relax enjoy being together...with out everything else.

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