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big dilemma >.<


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I'm really not sure to do basically my situation is a bit of a love triangle between two guys that I met through an online game. I'm sorry it's so long, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have been playing this game for about 3 years now, and met a guy on it, and have known him for nearly the whole time. I've liked him for about 2 years and still get really happy whenever he logs on and I get to talk to him. He is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet, full of energy and always doing fun stuff that I'm interested in like hiking. He's a super hard worker, I think he has two jobs at the moment so he only really logs onto the game to say hello and talk for a little bit.


The second guy, I'm actually kind of in a relationship with and have been kind of rockily for the past 9 months. I've grown to love him, however, during this time even though it's had it's ups and downs.


My problem is that just a few days ago, the guy that I've liked for nearly 2 years said that he's seriously thinking about coming down to see me during winter break. He confessed that he likes me and I told him that I've liked him for a while too, however, I've told him before that I'm kinda with the other guy, so I'm sure he knows, because he asked. I'm not really sure if he wants a relationship or not, but I am starting to feel a little guilty because I've liked him for so long and kinda wanna see him this winter break.


I've also been trying to go out to see the guy that I've been in a relationship with for a while, I've already gone out to see him once, but have been unable to go out again because of school and financial reasons, and he doesn't wanna come out here even after I offered to pay and my parents said he could stay at my house, which I know doesn't sound great, but I figure at least we'll be able to see each other.


Nearly everyone that I've been talking to says I should give the guy that I've liked for 2 years a chance since he's always just been super nice and sweet to me, but I also feel like I need to be loyal to the guy I'm with even if it has been rocky, because I do love him and he's been having somewhat of a hard time.

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No, my two options are breaking up with the guy I'm with now or staying with him. I wouldn't see want to see him without letting the guy I'm with know, it'd kill my conscience.


I've went to go see the guy I'm with now back in march.


To be honest, as much as I like the guy who wants to come see me, I don't like thinking about breaking up with the guy I'm with even if our relationship has been very rocky in the past. I just thought I could use some objective advice.

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You live in California right? That place must be crawling with guys! I guess I'm just concerned that you seem intent on meeting guys through online games. People are often very different from how they present online.


How often do you meet the guy you are currently seeing?

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I haven't seen him since March I've been begging him to come out to see me, but money has been kinda tight for both of us and I have school. I think he's kind of nervous to meet my family out here, the reason he gave me was that he wouldn't be able to sleep in the same bed as me. He lives in New York and I went to go see him for about 4 days, but haven't seen him in person since then.

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This is the problem with online games. If you were trying to do this in real life (and god i dont mean that to sound patronising because ive played these games and i know exactly what your on about) BUT if you were trying to see two guys at the same time when they lived in the same town as you then you would struggle a lot more.


I personally do not understand how you can have a proper relationship with somoene you have only met once and not seen physically for 9 months. It is nothing like a long distance relationship where thecouple is separated for a few months and get see each other every so often etc..you have only met this guy once.


I used to love online gaming, god if i didnt have to have a job now that was so demanding and a social life that keeps bugging me and a fiance i would stil be playing because it is a wonderful experience to have such connections with people.


I have been where you are; i fell for a guy online in a game i played andhe fell for me. Yes we started a relationship...but looking back it was not a real one, we were not together all time time, sharing our life together in the same way I am with my fiance now.


At the time i was crazy about this online guy, but I couldnt continue in a relationship where we only saw each other every month or so, and there was no grounding to the relationship; as in we met in a fantasy world, thereforee the relationship never seemed completely real to me.


Especially not now when I look back.


I think you need to evaluate why you are just looking at these two guys who are online. What about guys in your area you can physically see?


I knw pepole meet all the time on the internet and some get married etc; but they only progress onot more serious, proper relationships when they actually spend more time together and put the effort in.


You should ask yourself the same question you would ask yourself if this was 2 guys who lived down your street:


If you really liked the guy you are with, why are you chasing another guy????


I say leave the both of them, give the game a break for a bit and actually go out and enjoy yourself....

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