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wooops i did it again...when will i learn

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Agh so my on again off again..well we got back together and after an incident with us and her mom...we were in her bedroom fooling around when her mom came home and called her a promiscuous woman in less neat terms and said i wasnt welcome and well 2 nights ago during a church function she tells me i am causing her to stumble in her path to god and that she has to let me go...btw..im not her first or second for that matter more like her 3rd and 5th...im just venting but what happens is that she will break up then hit this phase, the dont know what u had till u lost it, and she'll cals me...last time it was a new record with like 13calls in 45 minutes, each voice mail getting progressively worse...i just dont get how someone can be so obsessive then be cold within a week or two. God i need to break this cycle...the good times are good but sh** the bad times suck. hopefully ill be leaving the country within the year but i know whats going to happen...she is going to start calling and start begging and me being worried for her will eventually talk to her and from there it starts all over.

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