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God and Exile


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Hey you home?

I am waiting outside of your door?

I would tear down the walls

to understand your heart

but it seems you've locked me out

for a time..


thats fine with me

I'll wait here all by myself

I wont wait forever


Hey is anyone home?

Hey are my tears wasting here alone?

I would tear down the walls

to understand, the fears that live inside your heart


Is anybody home?

Am I wasting my time, did I pick the wrong door

God, are you gonna open for me

Are my tears wasting for you


Are you living in the trees,

are you living in the seas

are you everywhere but here with me


Is anybody home?

Is god gonna let me in the door

Hold my hand and guide me home

I'll wait on the porch

the futures in doubt.






I'll alienate the world we see

exile everything from view

understand it has nothing to do with you

and everything to do with me


I'll sit at the ocean

drink in hand

nursing an addiction to a promised land

so lead me through the desert sands

living on a diet on a steady blend


I got an addiction to the way that I feel

liquid courage in my veins, changing what appears

I'm different, a confidant, I refuse to be weak

maybe its wrong, but its what I think


Except when I'm down and dreaming of you

us sitting in a crystal booth

speaking of love and forgotten muse

oh I need this, to escape you


Sitting at the bar, I take a drink

forget who I am, change what I think

believe not me for its what it takes


I sit at the bar and I take a drink

close my mind to what I think

alienate the word with another buzz

turn on the tv with the fuzz


Relax and pretend everythings okay

sitting here with nothing to say

I turned off my soul

with another drink

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