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Ideas for radio show


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Hey guys,


just wanted to pick your brains really. I'm a DJ on a cruise ship and as part of my role I have to host my own radio show. I'm a lot more comfortable with the disco side of things but I have to do the radio show as well so I need to try. Anyway I was just looking for some new ideas because my show at the moment isn't that interesting to be honest! I tend to just play a lot of music, take requests, talk about what's going on around the ship and throw in a couple of competition questions. I want to think of some fun and interesting ideas for competitions and features and really get people interested in my show.


I would REALLY appreciated any ideas so much.


Thanks! x

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Hey Samantha..I think your job is pretty cool actually.

I was on a cruise a few years ago and they actually did a talent competition with

the passengers. Basically they just asked everyone to line up if they wanted to perform..and when their time came up they said right then what they wanted to do.My friend who was with me at the time asked if they had a piano..which they did...

and she played a song. At the end...the person with the loudest applause won. My frend won that night...lol

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Figure out who the main audience is - is it older folks, newlyweds, different nationalities.

You could have theme nights - the 70s, the 50s etc - people could dress us (sort of, since they might not have the right clothes wtih them)


You could interview people - or play "guess the guest" where you ask 20 questions and other people try to guess who it is.


OK, I want your job.

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