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Help me please read...


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im am so confused right. now i dont know what to do my friend u see is very very depressed over a guy. Lets call him zander lets call her britt well britt is going crazy cuz she cant get him to love her then her friend alex keeps stealing him and then she goes home and cuts herself i am so scared for he but no one can stop her i dont no what to say to her she told me that she thought it would better off to end it but what would that solve if anyone knoes anything please write back i need help so does she.



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There is something much bigger going on here than most of us can imagine. The fact that she is cutting herself to relieve pain and depression is quite unhealthy and if it is left untreated can lead to suicide.

This girl definitely needs some type of intervention. She definitely needs to talk to a person who is trained in dealing with people with mental disorders.

Understand that mental disorders are an illness of the mind. People do not ask to be sick and they cannot help being sick.

Understand also that even though she has mental problems, she is not stupid or incoherent. She probably is very smart and knows deep down that there is a problem.

I know in Oklahoma there is something called an E.D. or Emergency Detention... it requires that this girl says something either directly to police about wanting to kill herself/ harm herself, or do something where it is obvious she wants to hurt herself (like cut herself), or it involves an adult filling out something called a third party statement.

An E.D. will make this person undergo some treatment for their disorder and hopefully go on to a full recovery.

A third party statement is an affidavit that states the facts of why the person filling it out thinks someone want to hurt/kill themselves.

The last thing on your mind right now should be the fact that she might get upset with you if you tell someone. If you are underage I suggest you make an anonymous call to her parents as a "concerned friend" and tell them that she is cutting herself over a boy. Hopefully, her parents will take matters into their own hands... if not, contact your school consellor.

She needs help, she is asking for help... now help her.

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the advice i want to give u is.. DONT STOP giving up. Tell her all the time that you love her and your there for her through EVERYTHING. See if she would talk to you. See if shell talk to a doctor. dont stop please. dont give up. Shes very stressed and she "thinks" that helps the stress...

Tell her that life is bigger than that guy... WAY BIGGER! if you need me my screen name is jessro6... Instant message me and well talk more

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