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[Rant]How about lets try thinking the Opposite?


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I'm No_On3 and I'll stand for this alias for a long time and i would expect it that is would be longer.


Finding the right person my life isn't easy, cause my lifestyles a wreck! I'm stubborn and literary angry when every i go everywhere. I pump up loud Rock and/or Metal on my head. Being a Piss every time i hear the word "LOVE".I'm Fking short, flat nosed, fat guys. I'm just telling everyone that even though i feel soo lonely at nights, i can rip my heart out bcuz of this feeling, feel sad whenever i see 2 sweethearts happy together, or just holding their hands. BUT HELL! I'M PROUD TO BE SINGLE!!!!


No other people to think of but myself!

No other people to waste my time with.

No other people to talk to but myself alone.

No other people to waste my complicatedly budgeted 1 week allowance with me.

No other people to be Sweet with and your friends just back-bite at you.

No other people to hurt you when you have a argument emotionally.

No other people to care about when physically hurt or emotionally hurt.

No other people to cry about when you brake.

No other people to think about when your best friend tries to steal her from you...


~ Thats what i heard from most of what people have past or present relationship with.


Yeah there are some benefits. But mostly i think of the opposite.


I just Tired of Searching my only one. I'm already pissed off about it!

You know WHAT?... I feel like a SUCKER to most women i met. I usually take the blame. I usually am the one to start and sometimes finish their job. I tried socializing with them but ends up a stranger to them. I respect them greater than myself alone.NOW???... what should i think about GIRLS(in my location)???... they're just such a piss off!!! I cared everything, took care everything with love. But in the end... I just end up killing myself from the inside???...


I though i girl that i was currently flirting with will be the one.... but it just proven more that i was made to be solo!!! even my mother already predicted this with an angry voice.

I used to be sweet, respectful, kind, reliant, and humble. But now... I'm loosing all my good points... does this also prove that all GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST?, and whats left?... the left overs! I tried to be strong and sturdy yet the WAVES OF HELL just kept getting mightier. I tried asking God for help, nothing... probably his answer was "NEVER" or "Not in your lifetime".



Now I'm fed up. I want people in here to encourage me that ITS ALL FINE even though the loneliness is aggonizing, i can still be a PROUD SINGLE UNTIL THE END!!!


soo guys... will you help me?


I need advise to keep things out of my head and keep my sturdy as a single.


i know i'm "17" and theres a lot of things thats gonna happen... But i want to be single to the rest of my life PERIOD!


Help me... please I'm just tired about this love thing. SO help me i'll make a diagram about it so i CANT find "THE ONE". I've been searching her for soo long... but HELLO!!! she just DARN too LATE... anyways their are a lot more guys Handsome and more good looking than me... i dunno if they have the same mentality as i have, or take advantage of them. As long as I'm Untouched or Unmoved. I will Surpass this!

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I've never related to thinking of this in terms of "benefits" of being single especially when the benefits include "freedom" to go and do what you please with whoever you please- I feel freer in every way that matters to me when I am in a healthy relationship.


When I have been single what has helped my comfort level is simply to feel good about myself, what I'm doing, where I plan to go, the friends and family I have (in no particular order, since I also can't relate well to people who equate being single with being alone or being lonely - never been true for me - being single simply means that at that point in time I am not in a committed relationship).


This all helped me not to be jaded or bitter, other than for very brief periods of time -at most, a few days, usually less - and helped me be ready for a healthy relationship. Absolutely - meeting people and dating people can be frustrating at times but it depends what you make of your life otherwise and the value you place on the other things in your life that bring you happiness.

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I had the same mentality for a very long time. My opinion is that you need to do this for yourself right now. I used to use my anger and frustration about not being able to find someone to wall myself off and keep everyone away and, as weird as it might sound, it was very therapeutic. However, after doing this for a few years, things began to change within me and I started wanting that relationship again. Then it occurred to me that as long as I kept myself behind my wall and purposely depriving myself of opportunities to meet people, I would never find it.

When you're ready, you'll see things differently.

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