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Leading on, to Falling Apart


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Leading On to Falling Apart



Push to shove

I can't decide to pull away


I wish I could just understand

why you gave up that day


You know whats wrong with everything

but you refuse to change

nothing can be the same


Your leading me

and pulling me

and tearing me apart


Your hurting me

your burning me

your breaking my heart


So flash ahead

I'm healing now

and I can still pretend


that I'm completely fine

all the time

things have come to an end


But there are times

when I look back

and wish that I could cry


Because I look at my desk

hardened glance

and see memories of that time


A movie ticket, a sticker

a piece of you with me


A poem written

a letter given

part of me with you


Sometimes I want to throw them away

cast them out of sight

but throwing away your memories

is like tossing out your life


So I throw on a sweatshirt

and I walk into the cold

I need to get used to the feeling

of being alone.

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