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Don't Give up


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Hello everyone. This is my first post here.


I wanted to post this after reading a lot of threads and seeing many people who seem like they may be depressed and I thought maybe I could inspire someone.


For about two years I was in a state of massive depression and anxiety. I wouldn't go talk to anyone about it so instead of dealing with my problems I moved from place to place, constantly abandoning everyone I loved. When I would meet new people I wouldn't be myself out of fear, which resulted in more depression, which resulted in a bit of a drinking problem. When I came to my current location I came here to change my life around. I realized the first step was to talk to someone and get help. After two years of wasted life being unable to make anything in my life work, being unable to attain any success in anything, and constantly destroying relationships, I got help. Now I finally feel like I'm coming around, I finally feel like I can be myself again which, after the last couple of years in hiding, seemed impossible not too long ago. I guess what I'm saying is, if you are depressed see a doctor or a therapist and do it right away, these people are here for you and you don't need to live with depression. No matter how shy, anxious, scared or crazy you feel, don't hesitate to get help. Don't be like me and waste your life and destroy all of your dreams. Peace.

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