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Indian giver!!!


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Man talk about how low someone can go to hurt another person. At first my reaction was to go hunt him down and beat his butt, then I had to breathe and think of how I was going to handle myself.


I lived with my current ex and his best friend (a guy) for close to four years. It has been difficult for me financially so I am having a hard time moving out, but in the process of saving and looking for a place once summer comes. I never wanted to live where I am at now, but the sidewalk gets cold at night.


I broke up with my ex in March of this year and he moved out only to try and win me back. He gave me some real cool gifts and was really trying hard, but when I bursted his bubble at dinner he has been nothing but hateful towards me. I haven't seen him in two weeks (which is fine with me), but when I am gone he comes over and pushes my bedroom door open to steal back the gifts he gave to me. He even has a key to my car, in which he took back the roadside generator in case I break down.


It's not the material items that make me mad it's the sneaky way he does things and the gifts he gave me were out of love and for our anniversary and my birthday.


I never even asked him for a darn dime back that I spent on him or any of the many gifts I showered him with over our 5 year relationship. If my roommate wasn't home he was going to steal my 32" vizio plasma tv he gave me for my birthday, but my roommate told him don't even try it.


I took the tv and gave it to my roommate to put into his closet because he has a lock on his bedroom door and closet. My roommate told him that if he want's the tv then he has to give me back my 37" sony triniton tv and it better be in good condition with the remote.


Well, I understand if you are engaged then you break up to give the ring back, but when it's gifts given over time during a relationship should you give them back? But, to steal them from your room when you are at work that is just plain low.


My roommate put a new lock on our basement door and now my ex don't have a key anymore and also putting a lock on my other bedroom door (I have two bedroom doors). I also have the remaining things he gave me in the hallway in case he comes by.


Heck all the gifts he gave me I can buy for myself. I don't need him to give me anything. It just ticked me off that a person works like a dog and comes home to find their bedroom ransacked.


If I were a mean vengeful person I would take his nude pics that are on my camera and post them all over the place including the internet, but I don't. There are so many things I could do to really mess up his world, but I am trying to be the bigger person.


He doesn't take the things that are mine (that I had before we met or purchased), only the things he gave me, which he didn't buy anyway.


Then his mother calls up and says my roommate is taking my side over her son and my roommate told her off. He told her that her son is on drugs again, because of her petty behavior towards me, and that she is not going to get the tv unless I get my tv back.


My roommate probably feels bad for me, because he knows I don't have any family, alone, struggling to survive, a job I work hard at and don't make alot of money, trying to get a higher education and here I am being tortured by my ex and his rich spiteful family.


Bad bad karma to do things like that to a person. My ex's mother is very wealthy and she wants to steal what little belongings I have and throw stones at me for my past long before I ever met her son.


I feel trapped most of the time...lawd I bought myself a salad for dinner and come home to find not only had my room been ransacked three days in a row, but he came and ate my dinner that was waiting for me in the refrigerator...how low!


At least I can sleep well at night knowing that I never sold my body, stole from anyone and never used drugs...I am loving, loyal and honest....most of all I thank the great spirit I am very very healthy.


My roommate at this very second is at the hardware store getting a new lock for my second bedroom door.


I waited 39 years to fall in love for the first time and this is how the person treats me?? Even after all of the misery I do wish to try again to be in love...cannot judge every man according to one. Hopefully, I will find a man who will want my love and to be treated like a king.


Thanks for everyone who has read my post.

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I'm sorry that you're in this situation. I agree that these gifts are yours, and he has no right to steal them from you.


Can you change the locks to your entrance? Also, isn't this called "breaking and entering", I would report this to the Police if I were you.


Wishing you the best...

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I so detest the term Indian giver, because they never actually gave anything away. Its offensive. Had to say that. Now, in regard to your situation I think you should change the locks or just give him all of the stuff back just to avoid the drama.


I am a Latoka Indian so I know very well they never gave anything away it was stolen from them. Furthermore, Indian giver is not a derogatory remark about indians it's in regard to what was done to them. Anyway this is my post...so let's only worry about what I have written...okay...thanks.


Cannot even come home to eat my dinner because the grinch ate it, even the crumbs.


Also, my roommate and I just put a lock on the other door of my room. Anything and everything I could possibly find of his I put in the hallway in case he comes over here again while I am away. He is going to get a big surprise when he cannot open the basement door nor my bedroom door again.


Now for the TV set I paid over $1,000 for my tv which he so cleaverly took over 200 miles away to his mothers cabin and if he wants the one back he gave me for my birthday then he had better cough up mine and it had better be working....I bought my tv longgggggg before I met him and all be darn if he is going to steal what I had before we met...over my dead corpse.


You have no idea how many things of mine he helped himself to over the years...I am sick and tired of him taking my things. I call the stupid police and the only thing they say to me is, "how do you know he took it"?


It takes all my strength not to go over to where he is at and give him a good beat down, but I say to myself what comes around goes around.


Guess I should feel sorry for him since never again will he be HIV negative...all the stuff in the world will never give him back his former health.

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Thanks Crazyaboutdogs,


You have been such a good friend to me over the last year and I am always glad to read your posts not only to me, but to other people...you give some of the best advice...your honest and straight to the point, which I admire in a person.


Well, I am feeling a sigh of relief that my door now is locked with no doorknob on it....hehehe...If he wants to rob me again he will find out first of all there is no freakin tv at all in my room and second he will have to kick down the door to get in it....if he does that then for sure he will tick off my roommate who will for sure change the locks on the downstairs door.


I am trying so hard to be frugal in my spending and save as much as I possibly can, but with a job that don't pay much, bad economy right now, car payments, insurance, my education expenses it gets very tough. I haven't seen my family since I was 17 and sadly I don't know where they are and even if I did for sure I have to much pride not to let them know what a messed up predicament I am in.


At least I can feel a little less trapped now...also whenever I am at work my roommate is home in bed during the week (he works graveyard) and the tv is locked up hidden in his closet.


I have been looking at apartments and seen some I really like, finished my advanced course in phlebotomy and going to take my national test in a couple months so with my license I can look for a higher paying job, which will expedite my move.


Missed a couple weeks of my karate lessons, and will have to e-mail my instructor to let him know I will be there next lesson.


Once I get settled in my own place I want to start looking for my family...I miss my mother alot.


I only know where my dad lives, but my ex made sure I never can go back to his home again. If you had any idea the accusation he made against my father it was just completely outrageous...so the only family I had is now gone as a result of knowing him.


After meeting him everything started to disappear, my apartment, my belongings, my new truck, my job, my looks and so on.


And, he has the nerve to be mad at me for not wanting to be back with him?? I would be just plain crazy or stupid to take him back....


If there is a next life I pray to the great spirit I never have the misfortune to run into him again.


Thanks again for being there for me...hugs to you!

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