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She is at it again some advise please...

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It has been 19 days of NC. The last time she tried to contact me was 10 days ago. The last two messages that were sent from here said "I want to get (sons name) a camera this year for christmas is this ok? You can mark it from santa if you want." The next was 3 days later after I did not respond and said "You acidentally dropped off some of (sons name) things with mine. I just found them." I had mentioned this before it was a month since I had dropped anything off and a couple weeks into NC.


She just sent me a text message. This one said " My family wants to know if it would be appropriate to send (sons name) gifts or cards for Christmas this year."


What do I do she has been digging and digging for some sort of response? First they were all about her. Then they switched to my son. Now they are about her family and my son. She knows I care deply for her family.


I knew it was a matter of time before she tried again. I have ignored her last 10 atemps to contact and plan on ignoring this one also.


I know they care about my son and I. I am sure they are not to happy with her for entering in a new relationship so quickly as expressed by her stepmother to my friend.


She has lost my son and I. So they also have to loose my son and I for now. It will just drag this out further. I had to loose her and her family. I still care for all of them including her. It is time to move on completely and that includes family.


Am I wrong to not want them to give my son gifts or cards?

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No, you aren't wrong. The thing that sucks about break-ups is losing all ties. I love my ex's family. I really got to know them, but I knew losing him meant losing them, too. For a split second I thought about sending them a Christmas card, but then I realized that would not be right. I am not part of their family. Their son wanted me gone, so gone I remain. Sometimes that hurts more than the end of the relationship.


But if your son is going to get used to the idea of her being gone, he needs all ties cut as well. This includes gifts and cards.


Your call is a good one.

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