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Sometimes, things come to an end

the tides calm, the wounds mend

so carve your heart on our old tree

remember times you spent with me


Sometimes, we play our songs in minor keys

but take the major with the minor things

and something has gotta give sometimes

when we collide


Sometimes, a reach a fork in fate

character decides who lives, and stays

but inside we all have got to change

or we die


Sometimes, things come to a start

but this time we go apart

so give me part of you to take with me

as I have given all I could ever give to you


Sometimes, Chapters come to a close

sometimes we stay and sometimes go

but whenever I look at the stars

I know your never really far

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Very nice. Reminds me of things happen for a reason, a season, a lifetime.... or... people who happen in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.


And yes, sometimes in the night when the breeze is just so. And the clouds dance shadows accross the stars... and the moon is so close, I could just reach out and touch it......


I smile and remember.

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