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She said friendship is the only barrier


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There's this girl that I have been interested in for FOUR years...I started hinted, but she never got the idea that I was interested in her....so I took some guts and told her...she said that she had considered the idea, but she really didn't want to lose my friendship if the relationship didn't work out. She has dated a past good friend and now they hate each other, and basically she is afraid the same thing is going to happen between us. I personally would like to go for the risk, but I dont want to push her. I really do not know where to go from here.

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LOL, dazedpunk ... you are sooo right! Don't wait four years next time!


Hi Andy,


It's good to see more postings and questions from you. Thank you for sharing your feelings with eNotalone.com.


As far as my suggestion is concerned, I would advise you to try to date her, because you don't want to end up thinking: "What if I tried?" You understand the risks of dating her, over having her friendship. Keep that in the back of your mind. Besides all this, it's also up to her, if she wants to take this to a next level. If she doesn't, then I am afraid you cannot force her into this.


A good start is to give her compliments and tell her sweet words. I am sure that will help you some to get started.


I hope this helps you to initiate things... good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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