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a helpful word of advice to you all...

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I've been posting infrequently here anymore. It's been almost 3 months. I've been doing "decent" you could say. Now, I wish I had read something like this sooner rather than later but here goes...


I have done A LOT of things that have done nothing but have added negative effects on the chances of reconciliation for me with my current ex gf. Out of mainly anger, frustration, and sadness I've done things that regretfully, cannot be undone. And although ever time I was about to do all these things, I went against my conscious...in the back of my mind I knew I should've thought twice. I won't say what things I've done in detail but I'm sure most people can relate in some way.


So what am I really trying to say? This may be obvious to some, but others, like myself, need to hear others' experiences the hard way to learn. If you are ever in a position and feel the urge to "burn bridges" with an ex...SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING.


Be it a phone call.

Be it a letter.

Be it stopping by their work to see them.

Be it talking to their friends.

Be it whatever.


Seriously think about any form of action you do that relates to your ex in some way. I thought hard before I did the things I did, I really did. However, looking back it was a quick fix...a permanent solution to a temporary problem. At least I learned my lesson. It's been about a month since I've even ate at the restaurant where she works lol. I consider that A BIG MISTAKE. Why? Even though I told myself I only wanted to "try the crabcake"...secretly I just wanted to eat there because she works there. Granted, she wasn't working any of the days I was there, but as a result I was the massive center of a gaping surge of rumors.


Seriously. Think about any form of contact before you follow through with it. This includes ANY form of affiliation.


I hope I made my point clear. Best of luck to everyone in their pursuits!

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