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Girl avoids you the last 2 weeks of class


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Why do they do that?


Well here's a little background: I chat with her right before class for 4 times (once per week class). The last 2 times she seemed really shy and nervous! I really thought something was there. She even came early to class just to chat. Then I was late for a week so didn't see her that week. The last 2 weeks came and I only got 2 more classes with her. I tried my best to locate her, but she went back to talk with her friends before class starts, I only got to greet her twice in class. She has her usual bright smile! When i try to look for her after class, she already left!


I thought to myself, if she is interested, then she would at least stayed behind.


Is she just not interested?

I'm just afraid it might be because I was late once, so she took that and not making much of a move the times we chat as rejection.


I have a portal to find her one last time to ask for contact, and by going there i'll be really obvious. But I am wondering if those are her behaviors of disinterest or what. When a girl is interested, she waits for you at the end of class, right? I just hope it's not because of me sending the wrong signal that made her think I have no interest.

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