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What a wonderful life


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Has anyone ever had something wonderful happen to them that changed there life?


I just had inner ear surgery done 2 weeks ago. I thought I lost my hearing in my right ear 16 years ago and found out 2 years ago that I had a Cholesteotoma. It's basically a benign tumor that damaged the third bone that vibrates sound to my eardrum.


The surgery gave me my hearing back. It was worth all the pain and the vertigo I had for a week. Not to mention the ringing in my ear for a month.

I feel like I'm normal again. It's just amazing what doctors can do. I'm so grateful. I feel more confident now. What I feel I can't describe. It's wonderful.

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It's like in those Saw movies. You're not grateful for something until you've lost it.

You'll never be grateful for having a full belly if you've never starved. You'll never appreciate having shelter until you've nearly frozen to death.


Anyways, I'm glad for you.

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