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Should I even feel bad about this

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Get Over the Guilt of Cheating. This is How!

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Hi ... a few months ago a situation occurred. Half through me trying to please everyone and half because I could not say no. Anyway I was made to feel terrible. Like the scum of the earth over what happened and everything was always 100% my fault. But thinking about it did I even do anything wrong at all? I mean I already had depression and I was close to well ending it all after this. The person was destroying me mentally. Ok enough of that, here is the situation.


Girl 1 - She said she wanted a bit of fun, so we fooled around a little

Girl 2 - Didn't say she wanted anything but we got on well and I really liked her.


So well I was sleeping with girl 1 and kinda seeing girl 2 but both did not know about each other.


As soon as I realised how much I liked girl 2 I tried to tell girl 1 things had to stop, and she was starting to like me by this point. And I was like nothing can happen for loads of reasons (although I was too scared to tell her about girl 2 as I thought this would upset her).


Anyway girl 2 would not have no for an answer, and even when I said I will not sleep with you and we should stick to normal friends she pretty much seduced me. Although she had promised more than once she would not try anything. I tried resisting her for about 45 min but she had got me drunk and horney and in a moment of weakness slept with her again.


Perhaps I left myself open by drinking but the plan was to have a couple of drinks, watch a DVD, then I sleep on the sofa. Not for her to get me drunk, then come down scampily clad and well yeah the rest is history.


Anyway 2 days later it all came out and I came clean to both girls. Girl 2 didn't care and I subsequently started dating her, but girl 1 said she loved me. I did my best to comfort her as she threatened suicide if I didn't. Sent me pics of her cutting herself and all that. I mean we only met or 3 or 4 times.


2 Months later I spoke to this girl again and she is still bitter at me and trying to make me feel like poop.


Well anyway on this forum I have always been told I should see as many people as I want/can as long as an "exclusive" talk has been said or we properly star dating.


Pretty long I know but yeah. Thoughts please.



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Well as I said I felt extreemly bad, Girl 1 was like an emotional terrorist. But did I really do anything wrong is what I want to know. And looking back on things I was with neither of them or had anything serious with either of them. The person that got hurt I was meerly "sleeping with".


And well when I can understand what I have done I can gauge my feelings on that. And whether I should have felt as bad as I did.

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What I'm trying to help you understand is that feelings just are. It doesn't matter if they are justified, deserved, or earned. If you feel bad then you feel bad. If you want to stop feeling bad then you need to learn all you can from the situation, forgive yourself, and move on secure in the knowledge that you've gained experience that will help you avoid a similar situation in the future.

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