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Well. Bys iv got a question.


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Alright im 18 my girlfriend is 16. We started working together like 1-2 months ago i started really talking to her like 4 weeks ago(she got out of a 3 month relationship but was still like "in love" with the guy or w/e for like 2 months after) anyways we dated for a bit and now have been going out for a week.



Iv been in a year and a half long relationship and experianced ALOTTT.

And like my current girlfriend is the "Really popular, cheerleader etc" kid in school which i like always hated but i got to know her and shes really awsome.


now like im just sort of terrifiyed, im like sometimes i just think, is she all about highschool social status , like going out with a older guy is "cool" and stuff, she seems to really like me and stuff.


Shes a virgin and im very very far from it, which she said really intimidates her but i try not to talk about that at the moment cause thats a whilessss away.


Im not even in it for the sex i love havieng her around, and like just the way i am with her blows my mind awayy.


Anyways im just kind of tripping out, cause her parents are the steryotypical rich overprotective parents and mine are FARR from it.

I know shes in grade 11 etc, but like when i was in grade 11 i could go out all hours of the night on a school night etc, and had compelte freedom.


Im terrifiyed like they wont like me or somthing etc.

(Not to sound conceded, but im a very well liked person, and humorous etc.)


anyways just sort of wondering like has anyone been in a similar situation or knowning someone close who was

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